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The 128th Canton Fair is Upcoming


The 128th Canton Fair is Upcoming

The 128th Canton Fair will be held online from October 15 to 24. 

Stay tuned for Yekalon exhibition! 

Join in Yekalon Two Online Booths

We have two booths on Canton Fair. One is Yekalon Booth, the other is Bergeim Booth. 

Please scan the QR code below to visit us.

                                  <Yekalon Booth>

                                  <Bergeim Booth>

Or you can follow our official WeChat to join our 128th digital Canton Fair.

What we will show you in our booths

Here you can easily get access to:

   1. Live Streaming in our 10,000+ sq.m showroom

   2. Large online booth with one-stop products and solutions

   3. Hotel mock up rooms tour

   4. Online factory tour

View more details by scan or long-time press the QR code below.

Memories in previous Canton Fairs

Canton Fair, is also known as China Import and Export Fair since 1957. It’s famous around the whole world with long history. 

The 127th and 128th of it are online due to covid-19 pandemic. 

Yekalon, as one of the biggest and most popular exhibitors in Canton Fair, has joined it over 20 years. With the world-leading one-stop solutions of consultancy, design, building and operation supplies and equipment for real estate and hospitality, Yekalon were always standing out in the past fairs.

Watch a short video to experience the popularity of Yekalon booth. 

Many clients even choose Yekalon showroom as their first stop in China, rather than Canton Fair. If not, the second after Canton Fair. Clients from all over the world beat a path to Yekalon's door.

Just see how crowded the 10,000+ sq.m showroom was via s short video.

Why Yekalon

Why Yekalon can stand out in both online and offline Canton Fair? Why so many clients come and visit Yekalon and start or continue their cooperation? 

Reasons are mainly as follow:

    1. At Yekalon 10,000+ sq.m showroom, clients can easily find all the products and services they need, no matter for wholesale or for project.


    2. Yekalon one-stop solutions from start to end guarantee a better final realization of the design and ultimately achieve higher ROI.


    3. As an experienced owner of real estate and hospitality, Yekalon can help you avoid detours during the whole process.


    4. Yekalon have 23 years of experience in real estate and hospitality industry, and have served 70,000+ real estate projects and 7,000+ hotel projects all over the world.

Wanna know more and have a deep communication with us? Contact us now.