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Why being a Yekalon Franchisee?

  • 1. Active Market Trend
    Real estate market is active and the global real estate investment is increasing evenly.
    Chinese building materials are popular in global.
    The refined decoration has been the main trend of real estate.
  • 2. Advantages of Yekalon's One-stop Project Solution
    Advantages of multi-products:
    A single product business has much risk, but multi-poducts business has stonger abilty to avoid risk.
    Advantages of one-stop project solution:
    Yekalon's one-stop project solution saves lots of time and cost for customers, even better than their overseas offices in China.
  • 3. Strong Support From Yekalon
    Legal Marketing Authorization
    We'll grant you the right to sell, advertise, market and otherwise promote and maintain the products in the authorized area.
    Quality Guaranteed Products
    We guarantee that all the products will be in accordance with local product quality standards. We will also provide relevant technology test reports to you.
  • Strong Training Support
    We'll provide you with training courses and relevant training materials regarding our brands, products promotion, sales, installation and after-sales service for your employees.
    Strong Bid Support
    We'll help you to bid for projects, or plan, organize and carry out different kinds of promotion exhibition activities in the authorized area.
  • 4. Together We Build More
    Together we can get complementary advantages to achieve Win-win.
Who We Seek
  • Have a strong willing to expand your business
  • Have a good reputation in the local construction or real estate industry
  • Have a specialized sales team
    Promote and sell our products In the local markets.
  • Have a specialized service team
    Provide quality inspection service
    Provide jobsite measurement service
    Provide jobsite installation service
    Provide maintenance service
  • Have stores or warehouses
    Decorate the “Yekalon Buildmart” stores or warehouses ;Choose some kinds of Yekalon products for inventories.
  • Have a showroom
    Display Yekalon products in the showroom.
Ways of Cooperation
  • Before Bid:
    Our professional team would study your project first and then offer competitive solutions to assist you win the bid.
  • After getting the bid:
    Our professional team would assist you to work out the project, such as: providing products, techniques guidance, services and so on.
  • Joint venture with you:
    Our Company would send designing, engineering, consultant, even management team to the local place to carry out the former two activities.
Franchise Process