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Yekalon Senior AEO Certificate | What benefits can clients get?


As the leading international one-stop solution provider in China, Yekalon has successfully obtained the Senior AEO (Senior Authorized Economic Operator) certificate! 

Yekalon gets the Senior AEO certificate

Senior AEO certificate is the highest credit rating of international import and export companies recognized by the customs of global countries. The Senior AEO certification process is strictly audited. There are only 3,000 Senior AEO certificate holders in China. And there are just about 240 Senior AEOs in Shenzhen, the headquarter of Yekalon Group. As a senior AEO certificate holder, Yekalon obtains a "green pass" for the international business of real estate and hospitality.

Whydo clients choose to cooperate with companies with Senior AEO certificate?


Enjoy facilitiesof customs clearance, which guarantees the cargo lading

As a Senior AEO certificate holder, Yekalon can enjoy the greatest facilities of customs clearance in China. Set an example here, the average inspection rate is 1‰- 2‰ in terms of import and export goods. As the senior AEO holder, Yekalon inspection rate is 0.13‰, which can faster the custom clearance and guarantee the delivery on time. At the same time, Yekalon clients enjoy the convenience of local customs clearance in the EU, Singapore, South Korea, New Zealand, Switzerland, Australia, and other Senior AEO mutually recognized countries and regions.

Customs of 37 countries (regions) achieve mutual recognition of AEO

The benefits of Yekalon Senior AEO are as follows.

1. Significantly reduce customs control and inspection;

2. Simplify document review;

3. Priority in handling customs declaration procedures;

4. Priority inspection can be given in case of customs inspection;

5. The goods can port after declaration (The normal process is required to port before declaration);

6. A coordinator is set up for Yekalon. Any problem of exporting goods can be solved immediately;

7. Priority customs clearance in Senior AEO mutual recognition country and regions;

8. Priority customs clearance when international trade is resumed in case of force majeure in Senior AEO mutual recognition country and regions;


More efficient in the supply chain, which saves time and cost for clients

Senior AEO certificate marks a more complete and efficient supply chain system. Senior AEO certificate lays requirements on Yekalon’s logistics, production, quality system, and many other implementation systems. It can be easily learned that Yekalon has more strengths in internal communication and trade security. Under the high requirements of the Senior AEO certificate, clients can largely get quicker responses and lower the purchasing cost when cooperating with Yekalon.


Credits of Senior AEO certificate guarantees product quality for global clients

According to the standards of the Senior AEO certificate, only trustworthy companies have the chance to get the certificate. It indicates that Yekalon’s product quality and credit status are much more outstanding worldwide. With the recognition, global clients can easily get more worry-free products for the real estate and hospitality industry.

Yekalon, the best choice for global clients in the real estate and hospitality industry

Senior AEO certificate is a piece of Yekalon comprehensive strengths. There is no doubt that global clients are supposed to choose powerful companies for cooperation. With the benefits and guarantee of the Senior AEO certificate, Yekalon is surely the priority choice for clients in the real estate and hospitality industry. In a word, Yekalon will continually bring one-stop real estate and hospitality solutions of consultancy, design, building & operation and equipment supplies for clients in the real estate and hospitality industry. Welcome to contact us for more project support!

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